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Clean Up The House of Commons.

I know that there is a reluctance of Labour supporters to engage in this topic, it is unpleasant, but just because the current story of MPs abuse of salaries has emerged from a known Tory supporting newspaper that doesn’t mean there is no truth, there appears to be real evidence, in these stories. The fact is that there are plenty of examples of abuse and MPs who are guilty of this abuse regardless of party loyalty should face retribution. It is clear that the so called old system allowed MPs to get away with frivolous and dodgy expense claims and we should not allow weak excuses to dazzle us into thinking otherwise.

Instead of calling the police in to investigate the leak of this information there should be an independent inquiry to examine in detail the whole mess; it should have the power to instruct the Speaker to seek dismissal of the MPs concerned.

I like many was angered by the sleaze of the Major government, Labour has a commitment to be the clean party – we have been betrayed by scoundrels who have taken advantage of a rather vague system of allowances. We don’t want excuses but accountability for wrong doing.

  1. May 9, 2009 at 08:54

    This isn’t a party issue, it breaks the boundaries of partisanship. The House of Commons is a mess at the moment.

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