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Questions that MPs dread: Nick Robinson.

Nick Robinson has written piece outlining the fear amongst a number of MPs in the Commons as The Telegraph is set to expose questionable expense claims over the next few days and all parties need to tremble. Questions that MPs dread. The trouble is that clearly the problem is far deeper and more serious than Harriet Harman would have us believe.

Labour came to power in 1997 as much on an anti-sleaze ticket because the public were sickened by the brown envelope scandal amongst others. Labour therefore claimed to be the clean party of government. Clearly, it wasn’t and it didn’t take long before financial scandals emerged and now 12 years later even greater misdemeanors are exposed.

A large number of Labour MPs including the prime minister should hang their heads in shame. The scale of this abuse of expenses is great. The worse thing is that it plays into the hands of anti-democrats and cynicism. When will we learn?

If there are any decent Labour MPs they must act to clean the filth in the stables and do it now. Likewise all political leaders need to act in the same way as this abuse of expenses affects all political parties in the House. There should be no ifs no buts.

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