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MPs Expenses Once Again.

The Telegraph has got its hands on a disc exposing the expense claims of  members of parliament from all parties and this morning has published details referring to Gordon Brown and the Cabinet.

Public opinion is clearly disturbed about the current system of expense claims and this is an issue which urgently needs sorting out. It is understandable that a number of MPs would have to claim for a second home due to the distance between their home and Westminster. Those in the South East of England should not be able to do so due to their proximity to parliament.

  1. ngc
    May 8, 2009 at 11:07

    there ……. all of them no better than people who … the taxpayer by other means.i think it provides good justification for anyone who wants to …… the system.why shouldnt they …… the dole when jack straw the ….. of all mps makes a claim for council tax allowance while earning 140,000 as a cabinet minister!!!My ….. to all;write your own rules…just like your leaders

    Ed: removal of some words, to avoid legal issues. Encouraging illegal acts may be interpreted as a criminal offence.

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