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ID Card Paranoids.

Whilst there may be some concern for complaining about the cost of the ID card scheme, there surely has to be some concern at those opponents who seem to be obsessed and paranoic in seeing state encroachment everywhere on private lives; these are sometimes the same people obsessed with worries about cctv cameras. Indeed it’s interesting that whilst the Tories at the moment wish to abolish to ID card scheme to save money they are silent on the renewing (costs £20 billion) of Trident!

In general the ID card scheme is basically a good idea and its adoption well overdue.  Government ministers tend to exaggerate the importance of the ID card scheme in combating terrorism; as we all know terrorists find ways around these things and often have multiple identities.

To have at least one card to prove your identity should make life a lot easier for all of us. They are not a threat to civil liberty, and Liberty spokespersons talk nonsense in imagining otherwise.

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