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Elections afoot.

Once again it’s election time.  County council candidates plodding the streets somewhere and aspiring candidates for what must one of the best jobs in the world the European parliament.

I shall vote of course, never fail whatever the circumstances.  Labour will continue to receive my X, though as I do so it is for the Labour party not really for the candidates; I have always had little confidence in Labour candidates for any office for it doesn’t take them long to forget their roots and enjoy the trappings of office and vote for policies they would normally reject.

The European parliament remains a remote menace.  The EU’s accounts remain a mystery, the European parliament, an expensive house of babel, fortunately without real power and stuffed with headless chickens – but it’s there and we need to have some sort of voice even if it might be a corrupt  organization and out of touch with reality.

Even the county council remains remote, yet despite losing masses of cash in Icelandic banks, cuts in the youth budget, and generally poor traffic schemes all over the county no doubt that won’t prevent Tories turning out in their droves to mark an X for their man or woman and the farce will continue for a few more years.

Democracy is good, yes, but sometimes it can be a real pain. For some reason I can no longer get excited; even campaigning these days seems pointless.

  1. May 6, 2009 at 07:41

    I’ll be there putting my X next to Labour too!

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