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Blears attacks Labour’s ‘failure’: BBC NEWS.

Hazel Blears is right to raise the issue of government failure, that the government has failed and in the case of the Gurkhas has lost its faith in British fair play. She’s in error in regard to the government getting its message across – as that message is at fault.

Gordon Brown has been a big disappointment, he has failed to lead, he has no dynamism, no conviction, unable to communicate to the ordinary person in the street – he has to be replaced by a new Labour leader:

BBC NEWS: “Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has attacked the government’s “lamentable” failure to communicate.

Writing in the Observer, Ms Blears says the public does not believe many of the government’s policy announcements.

And she says use of “new media” by politicians is not as effective as traditional campaigning methods.

“YouTube if you want to, but it is no substitute for knocking on doors or setting up a stall in the town centre,” she says..

“We need to have a relationship with the voters based on shared instincts and emotions.

“We need to start showing we understand the instincts, fears, hopes and emotions of the broad mass of British people.”…”

For more see the link below:

via BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Blears attacks Labour’s ‘failure’.

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