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Swine Flu – Media Panic is Irresponsible!

The British media, printed and electronic is generally acting irresponsibly.  We are now seeing panicking headlines and radio and TV constantly scaling up fear.

There is a thin line between responsible reporting and interpretation and encouraging fear. A sample of today’s newspaper headlines:

The Times: ” Outbreak fears for hundreds of children.”

The Daily Mail: “Hundreds of Brits “will get swine flu in weeks”…and pandemic could strike 40% of us.”

The Daily Express: ” Pig flu may strike 40% of Britons” & FLU: Scottish outbreak is on the rise.”

The Mirror: Swine flu crisis deepens as World Health Organisation expert  claims UK could be badly hit.”


Most of these headlines are sheer nonsense designed to sell the newspapers, yes, but these will scare the population. It is irresponsible and immature.

The editors and sub editors of the newspapers above should be ashamed of themselves.

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