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Gurkhas – Gordon Brown is WRONG!

Gordon Brown and his idiotic immigration minister, Phil Woolas have got the Gurkhas appeal for  the right of settlement in the UK completely wrong.

Phil Woolas claimed that : “Gurkhas and their families will be allowed to stay in the UK if they meet at least one of five requirements.

These are three years of continuous residence in the UK, close family in the country, 20 or more years of service, a level one to three bravery award, and a serious medical condition caused or aggravated by service.

Alternatively, veterans can gain residency if they meet at least two of an additional set of three criteria.

These are having been awarded an MoD disability pension but no longer having a chronic condition, having been mentioned in dispatches, and 10 years’ service or a campaign medal…” (Source:  BBC NEWS).

Woolas claims this will allow 4,500 to claim residency, in reality according to the campaign  Gurkhas for  Justice barely 100 Gurkhas will qualify.

Woolas paraded himself on TV news programmes claiming if the government met the demands of the Gurkhas over 100, 000 would be settling in the UK. This man, Woolas is dispicable, is he playing with numbers to stir up immigration fears?

Hopefully, members of parliament across party lines will reject the new rules and give the right to all Gurkhas for residency in the UK to do otherwise is a grave injustice.

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