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Swine flu: Your questions: BBC NEWS HEALTH

At this moment in time there is a great deal of hype in the media; especially on 24 hours TV news programmes: Sky News, BBC News24 etc.  The TV media especially tend to dramatize events rather than reassure people there is no no need to panic.   The BBC News Health web site does provide some useful advice and information.

So far this doesn’t appear to be a serious problem for countries other than Mexico. The only deaths reported so far have been in Mexico.  The news is that the Health authorities in Great Britain are well prepared for any serious flu pandemic:

BBC NEWS HEALTH: “Governments around the world are striving to contain a new flu virus suspected of killing more than 100 people in Mexico.

Experts warn swine flu could spark a global pandemic.

BBC News online put a number of your questions to flu expert Maureen Baker, Head of Pandemic Planning at the Royal College of General Practitioners…”

For more see the link below:

via BBC NEWS | Health | Swine flu: Your questions .

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