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Cuba is ‘willing to talk to US’

The Organisation of American States is due to meet soon but Cuba will not be represented; there are good reasons why but there is also now an opportunity for Cuba to come in from the cold. It seems that Cuban President Raul Castro is prepared to discuss a way forward and I think it would be wise if the US would now grasp the opportunity for negotiations. If Cuba were to release political prisoners it might be the sort of gesture needed and a wise Cuban leadership would make this move:

BBC NEWS: Cuban President Raul Castro has said he is willing to talk to Washington about everything, including human rights, political prisoners and press freedom.

His comments came hours after US President Barack Obama said Cuba needed to make the next move if there was to be further improvement in relations.

Mr Castro was speaking in Venezuela ahead of a Summit of the Americas…”

For more see the link below;
via BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Cuba is ‘willing to talk to US’.

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