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Met investigates new claims of policeman hitting G20 woman – Telegraph

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There seems to be a new and vicious, sinister sport gripping the ultra left and nihilist protesters, following the Tomlinson incident at a G20 protest.  We have nasty little people, bullies,  who engage in insulting behaviour and nasty abuse towards police officers with an aim to egg on an officer into some violent response. Thus the latest video shown on TV news programmes shows a police officer striking a women when being insulted and provoked by the same person and those in the crowd doing the same thing, in fact it is obvious she wasn’t the only one provoking police officers.

Now, it was clearly wrong for a police officer to behave in the way he did but we should not be surprised because there are some nasty bullies amongst protesters who enjoy this sport. Frankly, to be a police officer, doing his or her duty for public safety during protest meetings; to endure gross insults and provocation takes the patience of a saint and no police officer can ever be a saint.

The police need public support and clearly training and the style of tactics needs to be improved.  But in the end what can you do with a significant nasty minority of protesters determined to create incidents for mobile phone cameras etc of police officers losing their cool then following a response start whinging about police behaviour?

Most people would feel that some protesters deserve a slap! But this really would be a bad idea and; police officers have got to try to keep cool and deal with these nutters in a more appropriate way; they may not deserve to have human rights but the alternative would be a slippery slope to chaos.

Met investigates new claims of policeman hitting G20 woman – Telegraph.

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