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Rwanda accused win UK court case

I sometimes despair of the attitude of our lawyers and justices; four  alledged persons believed to have been involved in the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda are able to dodge trial in Rwanda on the basis there is no possibility of a fair trial: “a real risk ” they would suffer “a flagrant denial of justice.” They may have been innocent but then thanks to the High Court we might never know.

I suppose those Tutsis that fell victim to the Hutu butchers knives in 1994 would feel that they too were denied justice.  I think the lawyers and justices involved in defending the rights of these men must find it difficult to sleep at night!

BBC NEWS: “Four men have won a High Court battle to halt extradition to Rwanda where they face mass murder charges.

Senior judges ruled that there was “a real risk” they would suffer “a flagrant denial of justice”.

All four are wanted in connection with the 1994 genocide in which 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.

The men deny involvement in the genocide and say they would not receive a fair trial if they were forced to return to Rwanda.

The court ordered the men, who have been held in custody since December 2006, be released.

They are: Dr Vincent Bajinya, from north London; Charles Munyaneza, from Bedford; Celestin Ugirashebuja from Essex; and Emmanuel Nteziryayo, of Manchester.

We conclude that if they were extradited to face trial in the High Court of Rwanda, the appellants would suffer a real risk of a flagrant denial of justice

Lord Justice Laws and Lord Justice Sullivan

The men are accused of killing, or conspiring with or aiding and abetting others, to kill members of the Tutsi ethnic group “with the intent to destroy in whole, or in part, that group”.

For more see the link below;

via BBC NEWS | UK | Rwanda accused win UK court case.

  1. Anon
    April 8, 2009 at 17:18

    A greater problem is that UK law does not currently permit prosecution for genocide committed in Rwanda of someone in the UK unlike say the position in France or Holland. So instead of being tried in the UK say (if it is said they will not be tried in accordance with European standards in Rwanda) it seems they will go free. The UK is now a safe haven for Rwandan genocidaires.

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