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BBC NEWS: Hundreds feared drowned off Libya

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This story from BBC News,is one of the saddest I have published. Thousands of Africans are desperate to reach Europe, escaping from African regimes that are economic failures. So many attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea and yet their flimsey boats will sink leading to severe loss of life. These people should disturb the minds of all of Africa’s leaders; the shameless leaders of the African Union need to take a good look at themselves and realize just how empty their slogans, forums and discussions are.

Yet what these thousands of would be immigrants fail to understand is that Europe is in the midst of a recession, that jobs at the moment are not growing on trees. For them Europe offers them a life they cannot get at home in Africa, a dream but only a dream and that’s the tragedy;

“More than 300 African migrants are feared dead after their boats sank off the coast of Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

A few bodies have washed ashore after at least one and possibly three boats capsized in very high winds.

Libyan officials say 21 people are confirmed dead and about 20 rescued.”

BBC News: “The IOM says the death toll could be as high as 500 and it has reports of many migrant boats leaving Libya in the past two days.

Italy is to start joint sea patrols in May with Libya, aimed at stopping the heavy influx of illegal migrants.

According to IOM figures, at least 33,000 people crossed from North Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2008 alone..”.

For more see the BBC News link below;

Hundreds feared drowned off Libya

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