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Public ‘wants G20 stimulus deal’

Public opinion it would appear is a lot smarter than the Tory party houe of commons front bench and actually believes in a stimulus deal.  This shows the Conservatives/Tories are completely out of step in the court of public opinion;

BBC News: “The UK public sees securing a deal on kick-starting the global economy as the most pressing issue for next week’s G20 summit in London, a survey suggests.

The study, by pollsters Opinium Research, found 50% of respondents said signing such an agreement should be the key concern for the world leaders.

This compares with 29% who said tackling excessive bank bonuses should be the main issue of the event.

The survey spoke to 2,007 people across the UK earlier this month.

Each was asked to choose which two issues likely to be discussed at the G20 meeting that they considered to be the most important.”

For more see the link below;

via BBC NEWS | Business | Public ‘wants G20 stimulus deal’.

  1. Simon
    March 26, 2009 at 09:44

    Hi, this may be of interest:
    Thanks, but I have no problems with the G20. I deleted link as I have a spam policy and anything to do with the mcB gets a thumbs down.

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