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Story of Two Rebels Highlights Harsh Irony in Congo – Enough

Congo. CIA map.

Congo. CIA map.

News of the progress or non progress in realation to war crimes committed in the Congo by rebel leaders, in this case the Union Patriots Congolais formally backed by the Ugandans.

Enough Project: The International Criminal Court recently resumed the trial of Congolese rebel leader Thomas Lubanga Dyilo. The proceedings are the first of their kind and are setting a crucial international precedent. They also highlight the critical and unfortunate irony that, while Lubanga sits in a cell in The Hague, his former comrade, Bosco Ntaganda, is working alongside the Congolese and Rwandan armies and has been spotted lounging on hotel terraces in the town of Goma in plain view of UN staffers and other members of the international community—despite the fact he too is wanted by the ICC for war crimes.

The charges against both Lubanga and Ntaganda stem from their time with the military wing of the then-Ugandan-supported Union Patriots Congolais, a rebel group that terrorized Congo’s Ituri region throughout the beginning of the decade. Lubanga led the UPC and Ntaganda was a close deputy. The two were investigated together by the ICC, which issued arrest warrants for both men on three counts of conscripting children under the age of fifteen—a war crime under the 2002 Rome Statute establishing the ICC.

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