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Disabled people ‘failed by NHS’

To some extent, I am not surprised that people with learning difficulties are treated appallingly, we could include the elderly as well, since the NHS whilst it has very capable and dedicated staff, nevertheless, still has staff who have little time for ordinary patients let alone patients who are elderly or have learning disabilities.

As a patient at my local hospital last year one was generally ok for attention during the Monday – Friday daytime periods but at night bank staff took over and this meant very few nurses available and at weekends it was even worse. I saw some very dedicated and hardworking, caring doctors and nurses but I also saw nursing standards from some which left me wondering why they were nurses.

I would hope that the ministers of state concerned will act to get this problem resolved. People with learning disabilities and senior citizens should be given the utmost care and staff need training and monitoring, funds should be made available for this. I hope we don’t see meaningless statements like this is:

The government said it was taking steps to address the problems.

and consider this;

The ombudsmen investigated the cases after they were highlighted by the charity Mencap.

They looked into complaints made by the families of the six people who died between 2003 and 2005.The report found failings by hospitals, local health bosses, the official NHS regulator and social care services provided by councils, although none of the complaints against GPs were upheld.

It linked the care of two of the six – Mark Cannon, 30, from Romford, east London, and Martin Ryan, 43, from Richmond, west London – to their eventual deaths.

It also said the failings in the care of two more – Tom Wakefield, 20, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and Ted Hughes, 61, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire – was partly due to the fact that they had learning disabilities.

Care was found to be inadequate in the final two cases – those of Emma Kemp, 26, from Newbury, Berkshire, and Warren Cox, 30, from St Leonards, East Sussex – although the ombudsmen ruled this could not be put down to the way the organisations treated people with learning disabilities.

Nonetheless, they said there was enough evidence to suggest the problems were endemic across the services.

So there it is no doubt we shall be reading about more cases as time passes I’m not optimistic of any changes soon. For more see the link below;

via BBC NEWS | Health | Disabled people ‘failed by NHS’.

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