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Call for ‘people’s postal bank’

Keep the Post Office Public.  CWU.

Keep the Post Office Public. CWU.

It is staggering that a Labour government wants to partially sell off the Post Office to some shady outfit and yet there remains tremendous opportunities for developing the Post Office into a real public service.  The idea of a Post Office bank is not new, we have seen before the  example of the successful National Girobank which the Tories sold off to Alliance Leicester.

The Post office is ideally situated in most high streets and operating banking services may well be an attractive option for those who are wanting a service which is out of the hands of the  grubby joint stock banks.  Give the Post Office a boost give a role in providing a full range of financial services, open up closed Post Offices – most of all sack the current inept and useless management – Leighton & Crozier.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Call for ‘people’s postal bank’.

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