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Britain seeks to foster peaceful nuclear power use | UK | Reuters

There was a time when I would like others be rather horrified at the proposal to expand the network of nuclear power stations. Many of us remember  the Chernobyl accident (1986) in the USSR and that of Three Mile Island (1979) in Pennsylvania, in the USA.

We know there have been minor accidents, in the past,  at some nuclear power stations in the UK.   Therefore, we should not be surprised if there is some hesitation in regard to public opinion. I believe if we can be certain and I really mean certain that new nuclear power stations will be safer than older generation nuclear power stations then fine, let’s go ahead.

We need urgently to remove ourselves from a national dependancy on imported natural gas and oil, I believe a combination of developing  a new generation of nuclear and coal fired power stations would be the correct thing to do. Closing remaining gas and oil fired power stations must, must, must be a priority.

Gordon Brown. LONDON (Reuters) – “The world must find ways to help non-nuclear states obtain civilian nuclear power to meet energy needs and tackle the growing threat of climate change, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say on Tuesday…” For more click on the link below to Reuters;

A little starry eyed though, there are of course issues concerning nuclear power stations overseas, in countries, whose governments can’t provide water for their people let alone nuclear technicians to run nuclear power stations.

via Britain seeks to foster peaceful nuclear power use | UK | Reuters .

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