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Northern Ireland – Bloggers shocked by NI killings

Following quote from BBC News: “Northern Ireland’s bloggers have been reacting to the three murders of security forces personnel by dissident republicans.

Heavily armed police are once again patrolling the streets

The blogs’ authors have largely called for unity and a determination that violence will not destroy the peace process.

There have also been straightforward appeals to republican sympathisers to turn the killers in.

For Patrick Corrigan in his Amnesty International blog the shooting of two soldiers in the town he grew up in took on a very personal dimension, threatening his family’s safety and happiness.

He wrote: “I was in Antrim again yesterday, bringing my three boys to see their grandparents. Those boys have such exuberance, zest for life, innocence.

“As a father, I don’t want to have to explain the likes of Saturday night to my children.

“I don’t want that callousness and disregard for life to be a feature of the Northern Ireland in which they grow up.

“My generation have been there, done that and we don’t want our kids wearing the hand-me-down t-shirt…”

See original story from the BBC News web site link below;

via BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Bloggers shocked by NI killings.

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