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The Post Office.

Source: UCW

Source: UCW

If there is one thing we know about The Post Office it is a unique organization – its services are used by people from all class backgrounds and occupations. The tragedy is that it has been underfunded barred from seeking investment and denied adequate investment from the UK government. It is also led by Leighton and Crozier who are clearly unsuitable managers who have driven the Post office into the ground by closing up its services, demoralizing the workforce and not, repeat, not, keeping up with technological development. The Post Office has been a victim of the growth of the World Wide Web (WWW) when it could have been part of the WWW revolution. It had branches situated in good locations and could have opened internet cafes and voip communications centres.

The UK government has wasted enormous sums of money propping up banks whose bosses seem to pretend they can still do what they like. The Post Office once again is ideally placed to open up as a banking outlet, which it once did with the Girobank.

Having listened to Gordon brown at the big policy forum meeting at Bristol he didn’t look that convinced about privatization. Privatization is unnecessary, we know what happened to gas, electricity and water; once the spivs got their greedy hands on public assets, as long as there is a bottomless pit for UK banks then The Post Office should also benefit.

A Labour government should not be in the business of selling state assets at cheap prices to spivs.

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