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BBC NEWS | World | Africa | DR Congo Hutu gunmen ‘on rampage’

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | DR Congo Hutu gunmen ‘on rampage’.

Thus hidden from the world the slaughter in the Congo goes on, more deaths; more suffering; more people traumatized. The UN is failing in its duties as is the African Union – whatever that is! I’m not seeing any protest demonstrations outside UN/African Union offices etc! Even the political liberal and left is completely silent.

  1. Bex
    February 22, 2009 at 07:49

    There are so many people dying and being abused there every day and it is almost never heard about. It’s so incredibly frustrating. When is the last time the Congo even made the news?
    People need to be aware because they may be affecting this war themselves and not even know it. Many electronic devices (among other things) have metals and minerals that might have been sourced in the war zones of the DR Congo. There is no structure currently in place to stop this from happening, and many companies cannot (or won’t) tell for certain whether they are sourcing their metals and minerals here.

    Cobalt, coltan, copper, gold, diamonds, uranium, tin, tantalum… that are in many of our devices are obtained through violence. These metals and minerals are in our laptops, our cellphones, our cameras, etc…

    This war needs to stop! We can help it in a small way.

  2. zebrambizi
    February 22, 2009 at 08:05

    I quite agree with you, 5 million dead over 5 years is dreadful. The UN has failed, the African Union has failed, we have all failed. I agree there are minerals and money at the bottom of it all but there are fundamental questions that have to be dealt with; I am not hopeful of an chance of peace breaking out soon! I have actually written extensively about the Congo in earlier posts.

  3. Bex
    February 22, 2009 at 10:05

    It’s more than dreadful– it’s genocide, and we supposedly have conventions in place to prevent this from happening again. Keep posting on the subject zebra!
    I also write extensively on the subject on my blog. I’ve been searching for a conflict-free laptop (one that doesn’t help support war or human rights abuses) for several months now, and I have been writing about the difficulties I have faced trying to find a brand that is completely conflict free (http://apeaceofconflict.wordpress.com). The companies make it next to impossible to really find out the truth (even those with supposed “ethical purchasing policies”).

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