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British anti-Semitism is now a real problem!

Today, Howard Jacobson published an article in The Independent:

Howard Jacobson: Let’s see the ‘criticism’ of Israel for what it really is

The Independent I thought was a newspaper, which one would normally suppose to have readers that have a least the traditional English liberal sense of fair play and toleration. What horrifies me is the nature of some of the extreme replies which Howard Jacobson’s attracted. There were an awful lot of comments and some were quite disgusting and disgraceful displays of anti-Semitism.

I would place myself on the centre left of the Labour party, I’m not as active as I once was; but I cannot accept the regular dose of hatred for Israel and for hatred of Jews that I now see emerging from supposed icons of the left: Ken Livingstone amongst others must bear some responsibility for allowing this growth of anti-Semitism, inviting nasty mullahs to London as he did when in office giving them respectability, making irrational anti-Israeli comments, supporting Hamas and other extreme islamic movements is paving the road to hell.

Howard Jacobson’s article, very well written and argued should raise alarm bells so that decent people in the Labour party and outside of it do what they can to counter anti-Semitism. I find it difficult to believe that in London last weekend took place some kind of sick festival of praise for the Hamas rulers of Gaza, our streets are becoming scenes of pro Hamas rallies displaying posters attacking Israel and words like “Holocaust” & “Genocide” are losing their meaning. There are those encouraging calls to boycott Jewish owned businesses and we know where we have heard that before. It’s almost as if a nazi movement is growing apace with little to stop it, Unite Against Fascism remains silent and if even people in the Unite Against Fascism can’t recognize and confront anti-Semitism for what it is – coming from extreme islamic elements what hope is there? And it is not just on the streets but anti-Semitism is now becoming acceptable in surprising places in respectable quarters of intellectual life.

It’s all very well to oppose the BNP that is correct to do so but to ignore the trend from the islamo-fascists hoodlums and their fellow travellers may well have serious consequences for us all.

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