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Gordon Brown & James Crosby

Gordon Brown & James Crosby


Why on earth is it that Labour leaders have such faith in people such as “Sir” James Crosby who had a senior role with the FSA, and not only since doubts have been raised on the wisdom of appointing people such as Crosby, when it is now publically known he was behind the “growth” strategy at HBOS a bank (Lloyds Bank Group) whose shares are falling fast at the time of writing. Do people like Gordon Brown become so accustomed to moving amongst the masters of the universe that they become mesmerized, dazzled and behave in a way they wouldn’t normally do.

Gordon Brown appointed him after receiving advice from an “independent panel” presumably that panel met in a broom cupboard at number 10, Brown says he didn’t know that the FSA had doubts about Crosby and HBOS, surely someone with the experience of Gordon Brown would normally have consulted the FSA amongst others.

I’m afraid I’m not satisfied with Gordon Brown’s position on this: it leaves more questions than answers. If there is anything to be learnt; it is that ministers should look beyond the comfort zone, ennobeld cocktail party boys network and look further afield for expertise and ensure appointees are clean of possible scandal.

As I write Lloyds Group Bank shares are falling in value and we are told to be prepared for a loss of £10 billion pounds from the HBOS fiasco, where has all that money gone?

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