Whilst there may be genuine concerns in regard to the action of the Italian company IREM in employing Italian and Portuguese workers for work at Lindsey Oil Refinery; the reaction by many British workers of hostility presents a dangerous twist in events.  A BNP slogan being displayed on the streets of our towns and picket lines brings shame to trade unionism and should definitely not be encouraged.  It is narrow minded nationalism and a one way street to hell.  Responsible trade union and  Labour party leaders must act sensibly and counter these small minded slogans.

What we need is urgent on the ground action from government and trade union leaders to get this dispute resolved quickly. The free movement of labour is a good thing; many British citizens work in EU member states  and although we may dislike and protest at the methods used at Lindsey Oil Refinery we cannot play this game; to me the essential issue is equal employment opportunities, any company contracted to any project within these islands should be recruiting workers on the basis of equal employment opportunities. If appropriate skilled workers are available locally then they should have a chance of applying for jobs available remembering that any citizen of any EU member state has the same right. 

Let’s dump this silly slogan of :”British jobs for British workers” it is racist and nationalistic and needs to be challenged not fudged over.

  1. zebrambizi
    January 31, 2009 at 18:31

    carl: the slogan “British jobs for British workers” is racist and nationalistic; as members of the EU, citizens of member states have every right to work within the UK as we do in their countries; this is a good thing.

    The extreme petty nationalism invoked by “British jobs for British workers” would lead to disaster. Also consider many companies from EU member states trade here, they do business and employ local UK workers.

    There is no future in this country for petty nationalism and racism.

  2. zebrambizi
    January 31, 2009 at 19:55

    carl: the BNP is a racist party – a nazi, fascist party.

    In 1975: 17,300, 000 voted for membership of European Community only 8,400,000 voted no. So a pretty conclusive vote. So the real reason for all this is to have a go at the EU and nothing to do with workers getting jobs.

    I didn’t comment on the financial crisis as it was not the issue.

    Frankly, it seems you and your sort merely want to have a go at the EU and care little for any workers wherever they are from.

    This site is not for the propagation of nazi BNP propaganda therefore discussion closed.

  3. zebrambizi
    January 31, 2009 at 21:36

    carl: try as I might I can’t find any reference written to you saying you are a BNP member so I’m surprised you decided to deny membership of the BNP/UKIP.

    The “election” in 1975 was a referendum and took place admidst a fair amount of debate from members of all three leading political parties, all three parties being divided on the issue. We can’t have referendums on the EU when we feel like it, as it is we are members and members we will remain so people like you will just have to get used to it.

    The government, any government cannot act without parliamentary approval, which it has to seek in the course of ratification of subsequent changes to the EU.

    So once again the workers are not really the issue it’s really a matter of having a go at the EU. We enjoy good trade relations with the EU and will continue to do so for many years to come.

  4. zebrambizi
    January 31, 2009 at 21:40

    As for the rather odd comment from tony difficult to respond to such a rant and senseless contribution which again disregards the plight of any workers employed or unemployed.

    Discussion is now closed.

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