Whilst the world has been excited by the arrival in The White House of President Barak Obama thousands of Rwandan troops have poured into the region in a joint operation with the “Congolese Army”l such an act previously unthinkable, to be employed against the Rwandan Hutu “Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda” (FDLR) militia; a force of over 6,000 men, many of whom may well have been involved in the Rwandan massacres of 1994, when over 800,000 Tutsis were murdered. ”

The National Congress for the Defence of the People” (CNDP) led by corrupt, General Laurent Nkunda who had been fighting the FDLR and recently engaged in a ceasefire has now split with a large force now under the leadership of Bosco Ntanganda have joined the joint “Conolese Army” and Rwandan Army forces.

General Laurent Nkunda was arrested by the Rwandan Army this morning. He has an appointment to make at the International Criminal Court at the Hague for having recruited and used child soldiers. it seems many of his commanders were concerned with his looting of rebel funds and style of leadership.

We can assume that there will be ongoing and continuous human rights abuses which have plagued the eastern Congo for years.

I think like many I was concerned at how UN offficials were capable of grabbing media headlines during the recent Hamas – Israeli conflict, they seem remarkably silent in the Congo, no doubt Ban Ki-Moon will not be on safari in the Congo a region which has seen well over 5.5 million DEAD and no doubt thousands of lives ruined.

Let us not forget, that behind the shadows and ghosts there lay deeper reasons for this prolonged conflict and that is simply the mineral wealth of the region and the looting of the Congo’s resources by nasty, greedy people many of whom need proxy armies and militia to ensure their blood money continues.

It is a disgrace that the international media in general ignores this constant blood letting in the Congo.

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