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The decision by Gordon Brown to support restrictions regarding Freedom of Information relating to MPs expenses is appalling.

We should be the champions of openness not manipulating legislation to hide MPs expenses. Members of parliament, including the members of the other house, are elected public officials and accountable. We have already through the press discovered dubious expenses of certain members of parliament and it is right that such expenses abuse be made public no matter who is involved.

How can a Labour government at the very time when Barak Obama is promoting openness in the US government promote restrictions to Freedom of Information legislation.

David Winnick MP sums up the situation: “What I’m afraid of is what’s being proposed could give the impression that we have something to hide”.

I hope that the decision not to go ahead with legislation will mean dumping such absurd ideas of hiding MPs expenses from the general public.

Rather than restricting information the Freedom of Information Act should be extended to give wider and more meaningful access to government and parliamentary information.

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