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Today we see the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States – Barak Obama.  

012009_obama10(Source: Fox News)

This is an absolutely incredible day and he assumes office on a popular mandate and goodwill at home and abroad.  Many people are looking forward to a refreshing of policies in foreign affairs and his choice of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was wise. Somewhere along the line George W. Bush having won a controversial election, lost the plot possibly in his hasty and unwise decision in attacking the tyrant Saddam Hussein.  The cost not only in dead and injured both for the coalition and Iraqis was avoidable.   The opening of the  Gitmo facility for dealing with terrorist on Cuba was unwise. Hopefully, now under new leadership, the USA will assume its refreshing and rightful place as the prime leader of the democratic world and act in the interests of democracy and peace everywhere.

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