Michael Meacher’s recent blog entry: ” The brutalizing of Gaza is a war crime”. is astonishingly naive. It is based on the “proportionality” argument and his view of Israel’s ” macho militarism to court a right wing electorate” so  Meacher writes off progressive opinion in Israel as well Israeli Labour suporters.   He cites the Provo IRA campaign in Northern Ireland and the UK’s response to Irish terrorism, which was a completely different scenario.

I really don’t know what those who argue about “prorionailty”   mean.  Since when are conflicts decided by an equality of numbers?  Is someone supposed to do a body count so that both sides can agree an equal number of acceptable deaths?  So is someone supposed to wave a red flag and demand both sides to stop as we have reached an equality of deaths? We know 13 Israelis died as a result of Hamas terrorist rockets and mortar shells so is Israel supposed to kill 12, 13, 14,15? so that the liberal conscience of left wing intellectuals can sleep in their beds as normal?  Is life in the Middle East so simple  that we can calculate numbers to a fine art. 

Is Michael Meacher so innocent as to ignore Israel’s fear of an Hamas terrrorists clique threatening to wipe Israel off the map: indeed a member nation of the United nations  – Iran constantly reminds the world it wishes to wipe Israel off the map of the world;  would `Meacher notice the “brutal blood letting” the “carnage” if  Hamas and Iran had its way?  He says Hamas uses “primitive rockets” maybe he should try to live in Sderot  for a few weeks and understand the terror that rockets and mortar shells have and then come home to talk about “primitive rockets”.

Since when do we as social democrats or democratic socialists or even marxists act in a manner that defends the terror machine of Hamas, how many social democrats, democratic socialists, marxists would be hanging from lamposts if  Hamas had its way?  Meacher takes no account of Hamas’s brutal, violent coup dEtat in Gaza and subsequent brutal rule nor the failure of the Palestinian Authority to restore order in Gaza; like many on the left he only sees scholols (UNRWA financed and run and hospitals, he avoids looking at the smaller details.

Agreed that there has been serious civilian loss of life in Gaza; some of it clearly down to mistakes and munition faults: but is not Israel’s fault: it is Hamas, which uses civilians as human shields, apartment blocks and UN property as pill boxes.

We prefer to carry on with life as normal; worrying about the little things in life. Some people only get concerned once the bombs start falling and then the left sees Israel as the bad guy we wonder why Israel has retaliated as they have done.   People like Meacher on the “left” then reach for their pens to write angry blogs and join anti-Israeli  demonstrations and march with people they normally wouldn’t be seen dead with.

This particular conflict will end and those on the “left” can then carry on as normal, we can all go back to our petty concerns and put Middle East problems on the “back burner”. The “left” really needs to sort itself out , stop blaming Israel and realize that politics in the Middle East are not so black and white and knee jerk reactions in favour of shadowy terror organizations whether they be Hezbollah or Hamas will have consequences for all of us.

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