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Hamas which seized power in the Gaza strip through a violent and bloody Coup d’ Etat established a violent dictatorship in Gaza, may well find itself isolated as Arab governments have to consider the threat that terrorist organizations pose to their own states. Already concerns are being expressed that Hamas broke the truce and in firing rockets led to an inevitable armed conflict with Israel. I like many regret the suffering that ordinary Palestinians have experienced but the sole cause are the reactionary Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists.

Hamas is using schools and homes from which they fire their rockets thus ordinary Palestinians are used a s human shields.

No country would tolerate what Israel has tolerated for so long; the constant bombardment of rockets onto Israeli towns is unacceptable. Hamas did not want to extend the truce and broke it and pledged to continue rocket attacks.

Until Hamas learns that it must cease firing rockets into Israel then it must suffer the consequences and the longer this conflict goes on the more likely Hamas will find itself isolated.

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