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Mugabe: “Zimbabwe is mine”.

Many have suspected for some that Mugabe considers Zimbabwe his personal property – well there can be no doubt now that he thinks the country is his personal property – just real estate: “Zimbabwe is mine I will never, never, never, never surrender”. There you have it, mind you Mobutu of Zaire and Idi Amin of Uganda behaved in exactly the same way so should we be surprised and like Mugabe these despots did everything they could to impoverish and ruin the countries they were ruling. So a rather sick, deluded, insane Mugabe continues to rule with an iron fist persecuting his enemies – the Zimbabwean people.

Many opponents to the Mugabe fascist regime have been disappearing this a very alarming development and needs to be challenged. It is time the southern African leaders took a tough line end the pussy footing negotiations and force Mugabe and his fascist Zanu PF out of power and the sooner the better.

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