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Mugabe’s Cholera Epidemic…

We are saddened that Zimbabwe has been hit be a cholera epidemic which the Mugabe regime in a disgusting true Stalinist mode has tried hard to hide. Harare, Chitungwiza and other cities have been visited by cholera; not surprisingly has been enabled by a neglect in fresh water and sewerage disposal systems in the suburbs; corrupt Zanu PF officials; lack of funds have led to disaster and now the long suffering Zimbabwean people are exposed to  a deadly disease. Hospitals are starved of funds, as Mugabe secretly dispatches troops to war torn Congo; there is little funding for hospitals; medicines are in short supply as are doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses in Harare were recently the victims of police brutality.

We are faced with meltdown in what was once a prosperous African country. Mugabe thinks he owns the country and does what he likes; he is an embarrassment to Africa; he and his Zanu PF fellow gangsters have ruined the county with their thievery and corruption.  Zimbabwe is now one of the planet’s biggest disaster zones.

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