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Recession Good For You! – Andrew Lansley.

Tory shadow  “health” secretary has claimed in his blog that the recession will be good for you – clearly shows the real thinking going on in the Tory party – it’s not the first big mouth gaff from a Tory but it confirms the Tories care little for ordinary working families.  In fact they fly kites, myths, such as blaming Gordon Brown for the global crisis when everyone know it began with in the USA.  

The government’s Pre Budget Report offers a way forward through the recession; recovery is the goal. The City clearly are pleased; even the pound exchange rate began recovery. But still the Tories indulge in talking us into a deeper recession, they the Tories, have no answers and merely dance about like incoherent pratts; everyone needs to rally round the government and support measures designed to help economic recovery.

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