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The next story has a more relevant familiarity.  Did  care and health professionals  fail in their duty of care towards baby P.  Baby P. was 17 months old and had suffered from constant abuse from it is alleged his mother, her partner and a lodger.  Over 60 visits had been made to see baby P.  by professionals, they had been involved in monitoring baby P. who was under the Haringey child protection scheme.  Unfortunately, it is the same Haringey Social  Services  that faced criticism from the Laming Inquiry on Victoria Climbie’s death. Lessons were supposed to have been learnt – clearly they were not. On this occasion press criticism has some validity and care and health professionals failed to see the signs of abuse – constant abuse. 

Some apparatchik from Haringey social services was  interviewed on TV news programmes assuring the general public that no one would be fired for this crime. She indeed went on to claim lessons will be learned – those same lessons that should have been learned after the Victoria Climbie case.  No doubt the social workers concerned work under great pressure but in this case as before someone in management authority let them and baby P. down, If anyone should be fired it should be the most senior personnel  in Haringey social services.  Something has gone seriously wrong, this case should never have happened there should be an inquiry; firing someone senior may not bring baby P. back to life but it will make the minds of senior care staff concentrate on ensuring this never, never happens again. There has been a catastrophic failure of duty of care.

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