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Tory Sleaze Continues as Usual.

Despite the pledges of the infantile Tory leader, David Cameron, that the Tory party was cleansed of shady and sleazy donations it’s a matter of business as usual as the money rolls into the enormous sleazy election fund. It’s been known for some time, the allegation that the the Tories receive enormous sums of money from Belize based “Lord” Ashcroft, and there have been allegations of sleaze money coming from hedge funds; only recently we heard how George Osborne was alleged to have had talks about money from Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska; a new allegation, published in The Guardian this morning, has arisen that the Tories have accepted funding through other channels from a Ukrainian billionaire. Dimitry Firtash.  If Cameron cannot be trusted to be open in regard to accepting, if the allegations are true and no one is suggestion any laws have been broken, then he is not promoting the honesty he claims. The Tories cannot be regarded as being a legitimate party for government, hiding details of funding is a disgrace and the voters should be aware of what could be dodgy money funding the Tories.

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