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Whingers & Moaners Galore.

The current economic crisis is not the fault of the UK government, yet for some obscure reason many people seem so stupid as to lay the blame for our current economic woes on the Labour government.

Whingers and moaners  are too ready to blame government rather than the real culprits responsible for the current crisis. Current inflation is being generated by profit driven energy companies and the shambles created by speculative bankers and financial traders.

We would agree that our government is failing to realize that its economic policy is in error: we should be encouraging: economic  growth; low interest rates; high employment; a high wage economy. We seem to be responding with old fashioned economic thought. Mervyn King, the boss at the Bank of England, does not have the answers, his policy is leading us into economic disaster. We would appeal to the prime minister to change course now.

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