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We need to keep a sense of proportion, listnening to Sir Alan Steer, on the BBC radio flagship programme, Radio 4 Today programme he quite rightly appealed to us and his interviewer Evan Davis to remember that the majority of children do not have behaviour problems, most children are sensible and repsonsible.

The pity is that the printed and electronic media fail to promote positive youth role models, many children and youths are involved in youth organizations and little is done by the media to recognze these positive role models. Instead we allow the media to promote images of youths engaged in bad behaviour, it becomes routine for BBC news programmmes to show repeated images as we saw yesterday of gangs of hoodies behaving badly thus creating a false image of how such behaviour is widespread.

We agree that there are youths and children engaged in regular bad behaviour, that some children and youths carry knives and these need to be dealt with. The police should be allowed to stop and search children or youths who may be carrying knives this however should not be just intelligence led, whatever that means, but should be random.

Government proposals to take those who carry knives to tour victims in hospital seem ridiculous headline grabbing spin, hopefully, someone will persuade the Home Secretary away from such mad cap schemes. There are sufficient powers available for the police to act and they should be allowed to do so in anyway they feel necessary.

We also believe it is time youth organizations should be encouraged and given more funds for publicity and facilities to expand. It would also help if the mass media calm down. behave with responsibility and promote positive role models and youth organizations.

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