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Fascist dictator Mugabe can be beaten.

Mugabe now feels only God can remove him from power, maybe he will soon, but it shows the contempt which this small minded fascist dictator and his zanupf thugs view democracy. Having embarked on the electoral path we hope the MDC will continue to fight this election and strive to win. There is no doubt now that Muagbe’s fascists thugs, the green bombers, the militia, the Zimbabwe Republic “police” and the Zimbabwe “National” Army are involved in terrorizing the nation. 16 main terror camps have been set up around the country to beat, torture and kill opposition supporters. We have seen Mugabe’s teror gangs operating in rural areas, now they are terrorizing townships such as Chitungwiza. People are having their homes petrol bombed, mothers forced to kill their children this Mugabe regime is fascism writ large.

We are pleased to hear condemnation of Mugabe’s terror regime from Kenya’s Prime Minister, Raila Odinga and recently from President Dos Santos of Angola, surely now this is the time African presidents should now intervene with Mugabe and let it be known that his behaviour is totally unacceptable and he and his thuggish regime should stop his fascist terror and step down now. 

The world must act to isolate Mugabe and his regime, what we really need to see is UN intervention now to restore law and order, but as Mbeki has his Chairmanship of the UN Security Council he won’t want to upset his buddy. Mbeki is silent as usual during this period of Mugabe’s terror. Mbeki is a total disgrace to Africa his father, Gavin, must be turning in his grave. 

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