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Zimbabwe & the Mugabe terror regime.

We had hoped that our first post on returning from the USA would be concerned with our impressions of the presidential candidates but due to recent events in Zimbabwe we feel we need to comment on the dreadful situation now facing democrats in Zimbabwe.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF regime clearly faced defeat in the presidential vote hence the reluctance of the regime to publish the voting figures. We believe that the regime has to be removed by force. We believe that constant expectation that some fairy (the southern African leaders) with a magic wand will descend and put things right is a forlorn hope: a complete waste of time. What is needed is a third chimurenga a war to liberate the country from Zanu PF fascist rule. Elections in Zimbabwe are a complete farce, the regime uses terror and repression against any opposition;  the judiciary is likewise an arm of the state; the police by and large are Zanu PF thugs; Mugabe’s secret police the CIO constantly harass the opposition; the sate media is a tool of Zanu PF. Zimbabweans instead of seeking escape to safer waters need to rise up and end this regime no one else will do this.

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