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Mrs Clinton’s Abuse of Experience.

History News Network has published an interesting article by T Alissa Waters and Scott Kaufman on the very issue of Mrs Clinton’ “experience’. We have only picked up a few points in the following in our own words.

As Mrs Clinton stumbles her way through rallies and debates she is very fond of repeating she is a candidate of experience. Just what does this experience constitute? Eight years of First Lady of Arkansas and then to the United States, she gained the experience of choosing wallpaper and furnishings, she may well have had breakfast with her presidential husband and tittle tattle over breakfast hardly constitutes as experience! Rosalynn Carter, First Lady to husband Jimmy Carter was involved in certain acitivies in a supporting role, attending cabinet meetings and so on, Mrs Clinton did none of this. The First Lady has no constitutional role and neither should she. Mrs Clinton was appointed by her hubby to head a taskforce on reforming health care not a success. Mrs Carter, on the hand, lead a successful commission on mental health. Mrs Carter was a far more active lady than Mrs Clinton as indeed were other First Ladies. Mrs Clinton has certainly had her share of experiences in scandals. She has of course been a Senator for New York for eight years.

She says you can’t pick up a manual for the Presidency from day one, but then this is ridiculous, George Washington and other less experienced presidents including John F. Kennedy have coped from day one and they had no use for manuals imagined or otherwise.

Senator Barak Obama has had more political experience in government; eight years in the Illinois state senate before entering the US Senate in 2004. So he has more direct political experience. He has authored 152 Bills and sponsored 820 in his career to date. Mrs Clinton has authoured 20 Bills in the US Senate, many rather trivial.

Mrs Clinton’s contribution at last night’s Cleveland Debate started by telling the media off for being unfair to her – umh. This lady wants to be president and all she can do is whinge about fairness! Her campaign is just composed of stunts, flying kites – and to use her own words – no substance. Mrs Clinton doesn’t really have presidential qualities.

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