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Mrs Clinton Unsuitable for Presidential Office.

Mrs Clinton’s ongoing clowning casts doubt on her suitability for the most important job in the USA. Her whinging in regard to election flyers, her mocking of her rival’s campaign style in Rhode Island illustrates her immaturity and instability for office. She moves further from policy debates to stunts – perhaps a reflection on reality as her campaign hits the rocks.

If she attains the presidency, perish the thought, and behaves like this towards world leaders we may yet witness nuclear strikes. Senator Barak Obama is not a perfect candidate we would like to see more clarity with his programme although he remains the most suitable for office and would no doubt make a good president.

Ralph Nader is now once more going to act as the spoiler and his intervention will make Senator John McCain’s campaign, assuming he is the Republican Party candidate, easier. Nader really needs to think about the possible consequences of his intervention and if he really cares about the things he believes in then he really ought to be backing Senator Barak Obama.

  1. February 26, 2008 at 10:02
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