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Texas Democratic Party Presidential Debate

Watching the debate was fascinating. Here were two strong challenges for the nomination, together at debate. Senator Barak Obama clearly had the presidential style, in contrast to Mrs Clinton’s spiteful, nit picking style that she has recently adopted. The opportunity arose to clarify the positions of both in regard to the major issues there was more agreement than disagreement, health care policy being one area of dispute.

It is a shame that Mrs Clinton has developed an unpleasant style of attack that appears to be directed at Senator Obama. We await the decision of the primaries due in March to see whether either candidate can consolidate a lead. One thing is for sure Mrs Clinton may well have a tougher fight in Texas and Ohio than she previously thought – nothing is guaranteed.

  1. February 23, 2008 at 15:25

    Hillary would have been my preferred candidate at the outset of this campaign but not now. I do not believe she has one single shred of conviction on any area of policy. She strikes me as someone who would literally say or do anything to get this nomination. Obama has definitely taken the moral high ground by opting not to get sucked into the mudslinging and for that he should be congratulated. Now all he needs to do is sort out his foreign policy and I may even start to like him.

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