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Zimbabweans will go to the polls on March 29 for presidential, parliamentary and local government elections. This blog has always dismissed elections in Zimbabwe as being such a farce and that in reality, as in the past, the votes will be counted before the people vote. Zimbabwean elections are also quite unique because Mugabe is able to wake the dead and ensure they vote for him and Zanu PF. We also think that elections are a waste of time and that the only way to challenge Mugabe’s regime is by armed struggle.

Having said all this we are rather amused to see now that Zanu PF has split. A faction headed by Simba Makoni, a former finance minister has seized the initiative and had entered the presidential race. We are as yet not sure of the significance of this entry all we do know is that Morgan Tsvangirai the leader of the Movement Democratic Change may well lose support. A breakaway faction of the MDC, the Mutumbara faction (Senator Arthur Mutumbara) has already declared its suppoort for Simba Makoni. Makoni appears to have a radical programme, to reconstruct the nation but he has surrounded himself with some of the dregs of the old regime: General Mujuru, Jabulani Moyo just to name two of his supporters; these men are not known for their democratic credentials and were principal supporters of the old regime.

We do feel however, that to put oneself in opposition to Mugabe and Zanu PF does take a certain amount of courage. The regime despises opposition and Simba Makoni’s life may well be in danger as indeed is anyone who opposes Mugabe. We salute Simba Makoni’s courage wish him well but somehow feel that the elections will with certainty be a Mugabe victory, which of course will be arranged and observers from several African states, observing the elections from the Harare Sheraton Hotel will of course, despite any evidence to the contrary, be convinced that the elections will be free and fair! We hope we are wrong.



MDC (T) 100 seats VOTES: 1,041,176 42.88%
MDC (M) 10 seats VOTES: 202,259 8.39%
ZANU PF 99 seats VOTES: 1,110,649 45.94%
INDEPENDENT 1 seat VOTES: 54,254 2.25%


MDC (T) 24 seats
MDC (M) 6 seats
ZANU PF 30 seats

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