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London Tourist Shops – Yuk!

Yesterday, I had reason to visit a number of tourist shops in London’s Oxford Street. Looking around at various exhibits one wonders if one should feel ashamed at some of the material sold at fancy prices really reflect images and experiences of London or England.

In one shabby shop I happened to see a t-shirt with Adolf Hitler’s image extended nazi salute and the logo “World Tour 1939 -1945” seeing this exhibit made me exit the shop pretty sharpish as I felt embarrassment, revulsion and nauseous that someone felt this garbage should be in a London tourist shop.

I was also puzzled as to why a tea towel with images of famous London buildings should have at its head the Prince of Wales emblem and the motto “Ich Dien” emblazoned: what on earth has this emblem to do with London – is London part of Wales – is the good prince aware his emblem and motto are hijacked for a rather shoddy looking tea towel – no doubt manufactured in Imperial China.

In fact many items appeared to have “made in China” stamped on them. I don’t know what others think but I have to say these tourist shops staffed in the main by shabby looking people are an embarrassment.

I can understand that many visitors to England and London like to buy souvenirs, there is nothing wrong in that – but I wonder if some sort of quality control should be initiated to encourage some fresh thinking on souvenirs that perhaps are more representative of our country let alone a capital city.

It might be sensible for the Mayor and the Greater London Authority to take a closer look at this shabby trade and see what can be done to clean it up and perhaps encourage local industry to come up with ideas for good souvenirs so that tourists can buy worthwhile and meaningful souvenirs.

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