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Barak Obama Sweeps Up More States.

Barak Obama has scored more delegates for the nomination sweeping up in his grasp: Washington, Nebraska and Louisiana. Mrs Clinton has lost the momentum and is showing signs of weariness. This is clearly the most interesting US primaries season for years. Barak Obama’s campaign has created amazing interest and mobilized many into political decision making.

We note the response from “shmoo on the run” we are rather puzzled as to why he is keen to place importance on the Luo connection in Senator Barak Obama’s family: shmoo appears to see the Luos of Kenya and their cross border relatives as blood thirsty monsters and therefore? We still fail to see the significance of this line of thought and we would be disturbed if this sort of measuring stick were applied to others. Many English people, being of Anglo-Saxon, Viking  or Norman origin have also ancestors who engaged in questionable activities but do we blame the sons for their father’s alleged violence or in this case even the unknown, remotest distant relatives?

A sad digression:

We have been saddened this week of the news that lone shooters have killed 24 people in the US: a man gunned down five at a city council meeting in Missouri; in Los Angeles, the death rate we recently highlighted in a recent posting, saw four family members and a police officer killed; at Louisiana Tech, a nursing student killed two other students before killing herself; in Maryland a gunmen killed three in a restaurant; in Chicago five were killed at a store. This appetite for mass murder that lone killers have is total madness.

One expert has suggested that the loners involved in mass homicide are seeking attention and that the media should deny that attention, maybe there is something in that but we cannot imagine the mass media missing out on headline stories involving mass murder.

Contributors to news media web sites appear to avoid blaming the possession and acquisition of guns indeed anything but guns is blamed. The right to bear arms was never meant by the founding fathers as a means to kill your neighbours, known or unknown. Even the founding fathers would have been amazed of the power of modern weapons and if they had foreseen the problem of this constitutional right may have erred in their keeness of the right to bear arms.

In the end something must be done to more firmly scrutinize the mental abilities of those who possess guns or wish to buy: the laws need toughening.

In about a month’s time, we shall be setting off in our own long, voyage of discovery to the USA in a grand tour including a prolonged holiday in a western state. We hope to gather more on the ground information as to the current political campaigns and the state of the union.

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