Barak Obama.

I have started to read Barak Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”. It is a fascinating little book giving an insight to what inspires him and the hopes he has for America.

Today is Super Tuesday, primaries in 24 states should indicate which of the two Democratic presidential candidates may sweep to vistory. We hope that Barak Obama will be the man to take the Democratic nomination.

Mrs Clinton may have good intentions but she resembles what the Americans call a slimeball. Barak Obama presents a presidential style he is appealing to American youth and not just the youth but everyone. Many independents are demonstrating support and this could tip the balance in Barak’s favour.

It is noticeable how some of our immature, ultra left friends contribute negative blog entries elsewhere condemning Barak Obama for gathering support from big financial backers; celebrities, big name politicians and tend to paint him as an establishment puppet: this is unjust and ignorant. The fact is, this is how the American political system as currently constituted works, we all know, no homeless, unemployed 45 year old Latino, Latina, Afro American, Native American or even White American trailer trash, has any chance of making the list for nomination for president; campaigning in the USA costs a fortune; far better we have a candidate such as Barak Obama who has commitment for positive change in the USA and is mobilizing the poor, working families and the wealthy for his agenda.

The ultra left pundits who sit in their armchairs contributing  useless blogs need to get a life.

Barak Obama is forcing the pace for change, his campaign is a national debate on America’s future.

  1. February 5, 2008 at 12:52

    Typical of the ultra left, they cannot see the wood for the trees. The millionaire backers aren’t the main problem with Obama: it’s his policies, or rather the people he’s hired to help formulate those policies. To a tee they are the same species of ideological neo-liberals who’ve overseen the distribution of wealth from the poorest to the richest over the last 30 years, and I doubt they’ve changed their minds of late.

    If Obama gets the nomination and the presidency, there may be more positive change and progressive policies, but this will be within the framework of neoliberalism. If he’s serious about helping America’s poor, he has to fundamentally break with this politics.

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