59… this figure represents the number of homicides in Los Angeles County since January 1st 2008. The Los Angeles Times web site has a daily blog edited by Jill Leovy an LA Times staff writer, she has since January 1st 2007 been logging each homicide, day by day, in the county. In 2007 some 1000+ people were victims of stabbings and shootings; drive by shootings; gang related violence, family disputes the list seems endless. Children as young as 6 have been killed, children aged 15, or 17: children that haven’t lived. Many are young Latinos many more young Blacks.

This is happening in one of the wealthiest communities in the USA, where pockets of poverty and hopelessness exist, where access to guns is easy and there use is easy,

These statistics are horrifying, appalling, the LAPD and local sheriffs can hardly keep up with the rate of killings, though they claim a 39% clear up rate following last years homicides.

These events are a cold reminder that dealing with serious youth crime is a serious matter, poverty matters, hopelessness matters, we will not resolve these problems with lunatic ideas held by people like Lord (moron) Tebbit, guns must be eliminated from society, no one needs them only the police need access to them.

We need government, at local and national levels to deal with real issues, positive measures to build employment, counter the hopelessness and poverty that exists in our major urban centres. We also need to see real investment in youth; provision of youth clubs; shut down gun clubs and make them youth centres; provide sporting activities etc so that boredom can be dealt with. We also need harsh measures against drug use.

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