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Barmy Lord Tebbit.

Lord Tebbit appears to have had a little too much of the spirits,  his statement that youths should be trained in shooting guns is crazy. Firstly, there is no evidence that those committing gun crime need practice. Secondly, he has failed to understand that those committing gun offences are but a minority of nutters. Thirdly, Tebbit, like his media friends demonstrate an ignorance of what youths want, he promotes negativity about youth.

What we need is not idiots like Tebbit pronouncing stupid ideas but a programme of public funding to set up youth centres and activities so as to counter boredom.

Tebbit – please someone take him away, open up one of those old asylums and throw away the key!

  1. blunderbuss
    February 3, 2008 at 18:56

    Since when has Norman Tebbit shown any signs of inteligence? Just another one of Thatchers whipping boys who helped alienate an entire generation.

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