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Shock, Horror stories.

A naval officer appears to have lost a laptop computer in unclear circumstances which contains the details of 600,000 people. For some weird reason our delightful Tory inspired mass media outlets along with their current playmates accuse the government of this latest failure in security. Another story is circulating of papers being dumped again with sensitive information. The likely effect of these little tales, though we are not underestimating the seriousness of events, is merely to build on an agenda of cynicism in regard to government. If some civil servant or military officer loses sensitive information then surely the fault lies with the offender. Government cannot be in a free society a magic eye watching every move its employees make. Whilst there may be regulations and duties concerning employees, surely its employees must also have some sort of common sense not to allow or risk sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Perhaps, after the necessary inquiries have taken place if  an individual is at fault then that individual must face the ultimate penalty of dismissal.  Cameron and his fellow Tories need to address themselves in regard to real issues not momentary silliness.

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