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Kenya – African Union a failure.

So news arrives now that John Kufour the Ghanaian President cannot go to Nairobi to intervene , to mediate on behalf of the African Union – the reason – he has not been invited by the usurper, Kibaki to do so. This situation is absolutely pathetic. Between the democratic countries and the African Union Kenyan democracy has been broken.

Failure to act decisively has now enabled Kibaki to gain time to solidify his power. A peaceful demonstration yesterday, in Nairobi was crushed by brute force. All, this could have been avoided if only the democratic countries had acted swiftly to denounce Kibaki’s seizure of power and isolate him.

We are concerned though that all Kenya’s political leaders act to stop the inter ethnic violence and the destruction of property, clearly criminal elements and frustrated citizens, are taking advantage of the chaos Kibaki has caused. Kenya’s history is littered with outbreaks of inter tribal violence such dreadful crimes are not new, it is appalling, all Kenya’s leaders should distance themselves from such acts and condemn them.

The democratic nations should not be calling for a national unity government as there is significant evidence Kibaki lost the election. The democratic nations are really recognizing Kibaki’s coup. The opposition gained most of the seats in parliament and therefore this body should be called to meet.

The democratic nations should in unity inform Mr. Kibaki he must step aside to allow an immediate clarification, under international control of results or a new supervised presidential election.

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