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Kenya – time for action.

Kenya is tearing itself apart – the reason because the man who seized power Mr. Kibaki has acted illegally. Whilst the UK government twiddles its fingers people are dying and Kibaki gains strength due to the inability of the democratic countries failing to take a hard line. BBC correspondent, Karen Allen, yesterday took a camera crew to the site of a church near Eldoret, where many people died horribly, she made the comment this sort of event is not normal in Kenya, unfortunately, many of us remember former president Daniel arap Moi often exploited tribal tensions for his own end and his years in power were years dotted with ethnic cleansing and tribal violence.

We write with concern because of the political dallying, had the democratic countries acted with meaning and insisted Kibaki resign we may have been faced with a situation of hope, right now we have despair.

Who the heck advises Gordon Brown on African affairs?

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